Gina Dennis

Narcolepsy Community Advocate Gina DennisGina Dennis is a PWN (Person With Narcolepsy) but also a member of a FWN (Family With Narcolepsy) since her mom, ex-husband, and son also have narcolepsy.

Gina and her mom were the first to be diagnosed and their lives improved when they began treatment via medication. Though there were still gaps that medication couldn’t fill, it was enough for them to carry on better than before. But when Gina’s son Glenn was diagnosed (and shortly thereafter, her ex-husband) Gina took a harder look at the quality of all their lives. Suddenly, the gaps became unacceptable. Surely there was more they could do to improve, surely there was more than just survival…Gina wanted them all the THRIVE.

Through hours of internet searching and crazy weeks of self-experimentation, Gina found that certain changes to both lifestyle and diet had a great impact on her symptoms and allowed for less dependence on medication. Seeing such strong results, Gina’s mom Kathy initiated a change in her life and found that it helped her greatly. Then her son jumped onboard. Three generations went from surviving to thriving.

Lit by the fire of her family’s success, Gina created the website Madcap Narcolepsy in order to bring her message to the narcolepsy community. And to make sure she spoke from a solid foundation of health and wellness knowledge; she became a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

Since creating Madcap Narcolepsy, Gina has been honored to bring her message of awakening to thousands of other PWN not only via her website but also as a repeat speaker at Narcolepsy Network’s annual conference and a contributor to their quarterly newsletter, as the keynote speaker at Narcolepsy Ireland’s 2017 annual meeting, as a podcast guest and speaker for Wake Up Narcolepsy, as a speaker at F.A.C.E.S. of Narcolepsy’s annual camp-ference, as well as many other public appearances. In her free time, she coaches others on holistic approaches to diet and lifestyle changes with a special focus on how a person with narcolepsy can make impactful change even in the deepest depths of narcolepsy tiredness.

Join Gina as she shares this story of their journey OUT of narcolepsy and INTO life.

Facebook: Madcap Narcolepsy
Instagram: @madcapnarcolepsy
Twitter: @MadcapGina

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