Ruth Strachan-Thomas

Narcolepsy Community Advocate Ruth Strachan-Thomas Hi, My name is Ruth. I have 3 boys and have been diagnosed for about 17 years with extreme daytime sleepiness. It wasn’t until the last 6 years that I became acutely aware that I have narcolepsy. Upon diagnosis, it was mentioned that I had a form of narcolepsy, however, the assumption of my illness was that I would just be tired during the daytime.

As time progressed, so has my understanding. Working a full-time career and running multiple businesses has been a struggle. However, a lot of self-care and self-awareness has made dealing with narcolepsy a little bit more manageable. These days providing education on narcolepsy to my immediate surroundings and teaching individuals how to be supportive towards someone with a chronic illness has been my guiding force for these past few years.

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