Social Media vs My Brain: Simplifying My Newsfeeds

I have thought about leaving social media a few times. However, I feel I would miss important updates and miss out on the people I truly care about.

There are many positives, such as narcolepsy support groups and keeping in touch with family who live afar. There have been many times I have had to use social media to find out what the heck is going on locally!

There have been a few steps I have taken to relieve the stress and confusion. It is time-consuming, but the reward is brain-saving!

Make Facebook friend lists

You can organize by acquaintances, family, friends, business associates, etc... When your lists are done, you can choose who to follow. You can stream the feeds that mean the most to you.

Do not forget the unfollow button! You will remain friends although you won’t have to worry about getting distracted by what your 7th-grade classmate ate for dinner!

Go through your groups and pages

If you have had your Facebook for years as many of us have, you will notice you probably have a lot of page likes and groups you have joined through the years. Go through them! Do you really need that information daily?

Yes, you purchased an item from a vendor, however, do you need them on your feed? Do you have a friend who treats Facebook like Twitter? 30 updates a day? Unfollow them and go to them when you want to specifically see what they are up to.

Scrolling through all the unnecessary posts can make you tired and you will miss the updates from the people who really matter the most.

It's OK to set expectations

Occasionally, I post a disclaimer on my social media. I just say that I want to remind everyone that I genuinely enjoy their posts and updates and although everyone is important to me, I may miss them once in a while.

I started to do this when I received a message that I missed an important post and they were offended when I did not acknowledge it. It was that day that I started to rearrange how my newsfeed looked. I felt so bad I missed the announcement and never wanted to feel that way again!

Ways to make life easier

If you participate in more than one social media platform, consider deleting the ones you do not use much and try to get it down to just 1 or 2. If you have multiple emails, try to link them together so you have one place to check them.

Tips for usernames and passwords

Write down each username and password as you make them. Do not rely on your memory for next time. This alleviates the problem of having multiple accounts because you keep forgetting how to sign on! If you have a hard time remembering to follow up on emails or correspondence, print the original email and put it on your desk to remind you. Sometimes I will print the things I need to remind myself of and my printer tray turns into my "To Do" list.

In this day and age, I feel social media helps us in a lot of ways as long as it is not overwhelming. Taking some of the steps I have mentioned can simplify your newsfeed and can help you concentrate on who and what matters!

How do you handle social media? Share your tips in the comments below.

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