Bella Kilmartin

Narcolepsy Community Advocate Bella KilmartinBella is 24 years old and lives in the UK. Bella is a psychology graduate from Loughborough University and currently works as a pharmacy dispenser. She started experiencing symptoms aged 16 whilst studying for her A levels - a crucial time as she needed to do well in order to secure a place at university. Bella originally thought that the excessive day time sleepiness she was experiencing was down to the extra work of A levels until her symptoms started getting progressively worse. This started having an impact on her studies which led to her spending months researching her symptoms before seeing the doctor who referred her to a consultant. Bella was diagnosed in May 2015 aged 18 just a couple of months before heading to university.

Since then, Bella has been learning how to manage her symptoms. After leaving University, Bella missed writing which led her to start writing her own blog, A Life with Narcolepsy, to raise awareness and give an insight into what life with narcolepsy and cataplexy is.

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