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Christina Christensen

Narcolepsy Community Advocate Christina ChristensenChristina was previously an advocate on

Christina Christensen has struggled with being extremely tired since she could remember. She would fall asleep places most people wouldn’t and as the years went by, the tiredness got progressively worse and it became harder to be successful in school, stay awake at work and drive long distances. She finally had a sleep study conducted when she was 25 and received a diagnosis she didn’t see coming. Although Christina was convinced she had sleep apnea, her narcolepsy diagnosis explained her excessive daytime sleepiness, brain fog, memory loss and random sleep paralysis. No wonder she could fall asleep in a room full of people - her brain is functioned to tell her to sleep when she’s awake.

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Christina is married to her non-narcoleptic best friend and is a mom of two young children. She went through both of her pregnancies unmedicated and very sleepy. Since she was the first of her friends to become pregnant, and didn’t know anyone else who had narcolepsy, she sought to find other pregnant women and moms living and parenting with narcolepsy. After she had her first child, she decided to write about her experiences with narcolepsy, pregnancy and being a tired mom on her blog, NarcolepticMom, hoping her journey with narcolepsy would help other aspiring mothers, parents and anyone struggling with narcolepsy or any invisible chronic illness know that they are not alone.

Christina has made it her mission to help educate and empower those with narcolepsy and she hopes to help put an end to the stigma surrounding narcolepsy and show how real and deteriorating every day can be when living with this disorder. But to also show that there can be light in every day if we allow it to shine through our sleepy eyes.

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