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Keeley Lange

Narcolepsy Community Advocate Keeley LangeKeely was previously an advocate on

Keeley Lange is a wife, homeschooling mom of 4, and a self-diagnosed Crossfit addict. She spent the first 30 years of her life without narcolepsy. That all changed, in 2012, when she first started experiencing symptoms related to narcolepsy. She was later diagnosed in 2014. From the get-go, Keeley has chosen to be unmedicated while pursuing symptom relief.

She shares her success journey, tips and tricks on her Instagram and FB @thrivingwithnarcolepsy. Keeley continues to explore other ways to impact the narcoleptic community. She works as a wellness advocate for Doterra International, helping others take a front seat in their health.

Keeley attributes her success in reducing symptoms to her stubbornness, willingness to try absolutely anything, and the unwavering support of her hubby and best friend, Jeremy.

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