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College and Narcolepsy

I recently started going to college again this summer, and I am full-time. This is the first time I have been in school since before my narcolepsy diagnosis. This time around has been a lot better so far.

Why I decided to go back to school

I decided in April that I wanted to go back to school. I have been eyeing this program offered at the community college here for a long time, but until recently, I didn’t think school was my thing.

I will be entering the electroneurodiagnostic technology program this fall. I am very excited to start the program!

The summer semester has been hard

At my college, the summer semester classes are shorter but the workload is the same.

In the fall and spring semesters, classes are 16 weeks long and in the summer semester, classes are 12 weeks long. Every semester has the same amount of workload. I have never done a summer semester until now, and it has been pretty difficult.

Making connections

I am currently in 2 in-person classes and 2 online classes. The in-person classes still have a lot of online work and it can be a lot some weeks. My professors have been pretty understanding for the most part.

In one of my in-person classes, there are 2 others in that class who are entering the same program as me, and one even has narcolepsy! I was so shocked when I met her because this was the first time I have ever met anyone in person with narcolepsy. It makes me even more excited for my program.

Going full-time in the fall

This semester has only 3 weeks left, and then I get a 2-week break before the fall semester starts. This fall semester, I will be taking 13.5 credit hours which is full-time. I will be in 4 classes in person and 2 online. My in-person classes are going to be a little tough in the fall.

Diagnosis made me stronger

This semester, I have been getting good grades – all being As or Bs – which is a huge thing for me because I barely passed my classes the last time I was in school. I think I am doing so well this time around because I have my narcolepsy diagnosis and am managing it pretty well.

Now with my narcolepsy diagnosis, I have a strong enough diagnosis to get the accommodations that I need.

Adjusting to new levels of busy-ness

Something that has been pretty difficult going back to school is that even though I am getting all my school work done, I feel like I have no time for anything else.

I have not had much time to work, hang out with friends or family, or do other social things. I have basically had time to do school work, go to classes, relax a little, and sleep. I am not used to being so busy with school work, so it definitely takes a lot out of me.

If you haven’t read my article on school accommodations, be sure to check that out for helpful tips on how to get school accommodations!

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