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What Your Preferred Caffeinated Drink Says About Your Day

If you have narcolepsy, chances are that you consume caffeine. Stimulants are one of the treatment options available for narcolepsy, and caffeine is a cheap over-the-counter stimulant option.

Some days require more caffeine than others

Narcolepsy symptoms can fluctuate from day to day, as do daily responsibilities, so some days may require more caffeine than others. Personally, I find that there are days where I require less caffeine. For example, if I am staying home for the day and do not have much to do, I might not drink any caffeine at all and just rely on my prescribed medication and daily nap routine to help keep me awake for the day.

Days without caffeine tend to require more naps. On other days when I have more things on my calendar to do, like errands, I might make espresso or have an energy drink for the trip.

Your preferred drink might reflect your symptoms

Here is what your preferred caffeinated drink might say about your day...

Matcha tea (~20-80 mg caffeine)

It might be a rainy day, or maybe you just are feeling the pull of your narcolepsy symptoms lulling you into sleep just because you are awake. Either way, you might be in for a slow day today if you chose matcha. Matcha is a good choice in this case because it is mildly stimulating without causing too many caffeine jitters. It’s a win-win!

Drip coffee (~100 mg caffeine)

Today is just another day with narcolepsy for you. You probably have a pretty standard day planned for today. And your narcolepsy symptoms probably aren’t flaring today, but they aren’t necessarily gone, either. Drip coffee is a good choice in both of these cases.

Vanilla latte (~30-90 mg caffeine per espresso shot)

You’ve probably been running errands today and need a quick pick-me-up. Even though caffeine is like your medicine, you want it to taste more palatable going down – hence the vanilla addition.

Today you might be running a long strand of errands, like going to the dentist, then to the grocery store, then the post office, then the laundromat! Lattes are higher in caffeine than drinks like tea, but they're great for busy days without too many overt narcolepsy symptoms weighing you down.

Espresso shot (~64 mg caffeine)

Did you add a quad shot of espresso to your latte? You might be having a rough narcolepsy symptom day. For each shot of espresso added to your cup, your day becomes slightly improved.

Energy drink (~80-160 mg caffeine)

Today your symptoms have been getting the best of you – you woke up groggy and stayed that way. If you chose an energy drink, you might have more to do than you feel capable of getting done. Forget about making a warm caffeinated drink at home, or waiting in line for the barista to serve you – with energy drinks, you are able to just pop a tab and get that energy right away!

Caffeine pills (100 mg caffeine)

Today is all about business — except you find yourself nodding off during an important event! Your narcolepsy symptoms are terrible today. However, you don’t have time to worry about administering caffeine in liquid form – in this case, caffeine pills save your day!

What does your drink say about you today?

What do you think your preferred caffeinated drink says about your day and about your narcolepsy? Let us know in the comments!

Editor's Note: The caffeine content of caffeinated drinks can vary widely based on brand, location, processing and brewing time, and many other factors. Check out our list of references below for more information, and remember to consume responsibly!

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