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Tomorrow Is a New Day!

Last updated: April 2021

As I lay here in twilight, I think to myself, tomorrow is the day! I am going to wake up, put my hair back and clean my oven! If I have my coffee right away, skip my makeup, and just turn music on, I think I will be able to get it done. If I can knock it out quickly, I bet I could drive over and pick up my prescription.

If I am going to be at the pharmacy, I might as well go next door and pick up something for dinner. It has been quite a while since we have had lasagna, and I bet everyone will love that! Perfect! I will be able to cook it in my nice clean oven, and I will finally have that taken care of.


Why is the alarm so LOUD? Oh my gosh, if I can sleep just 30 minutes more, I will feel more alert when I wake up. A little delay will not hurt my plans. I can still get it all done.

I can’t believe I turned the alarm off and didn’t hit snooze! How did I sleep 2 additional hours?  Ok, hair back and coffee in hand and I am going to get this done!

I think I need to finish this cup first because I still feel a bit drowsy, and then I will start.

While I have the energy...

What? My bank app says I was double-charged for gas? I need to call them and get that handled right now while I am feeling up to it.

Holy moly, that was 45 minutes of holding and 3 transfers. I am glad I was able to get things fixed, but that call wore me out! I want to put my head down and close my eyes, but I cannot. I must get this oven clean!

Just a quick nap...

It took me 2 hours and a couple of breaks to get the oven clean, but I did it! Now I need to run to the pharmacy and get dinner. I am going to sit down for a minute and eat something before I go, though.

Lunch was good, and I am probably not safe to drive since I feel super sleepy. Maybe I will grab something easier to make for dinner. I am just going to close my eyes for a minute.

I'm feeling worn out

It is already 4:00? Where did the time go? I wish I had not napped again, but there is no way I could have been safe to drive if I had left at that moment.

Ok, so what should I make for dinner that is a little easier? I do not want to get my oven dirty, so we will just order pizza for tonight. If I am not going to go to town to grab dinner, I might as well wait until tomorrow to get my prescription. It just seems like a lot right now, and I’m pretty worn out.

The harder I try, the further behind I fall

This bed is comfortable tonight. I feel like I accomplished something today. However, I feel guilty that I did not get to make the dinner I wanted, and I have been putting off picking up my prescription for 3 days. I really need to get that done tomorrow.

The harder I try to get everything done each day, I feel like I fall further behind. Maybe I will make tacos and get my mopping done. If I am going to mop, I might as well vacuum too. Perfect! I will finally have that taken care of! If I wake and have my coffee right away, skip my makeup, and...

Narcolepsy happens

This is a typical day in my head. I try so many nights to plan a productive day, and then as my husband says, “Narcolepsy happens.”

I have a plan each day, and even though it does not always go as I want, I have to remember to give myself a break! If I can accomplish one thing, I feel like I am still doing ok. Sure, there are days where I sleep and do not feel like doing anything at all, and it happens more than I would like. The important thing is to keep pushing forward. Tomorrow is a new day!

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