It's Like Waking Up From a Dream

Last updated: August 2021

Sometimes I do ok. I can focus alright, and get things done. But other times, it constantly feels like when you wake up, and can't quite remember your dream.

Why am I here?

I'll be outside, and realize I need to pee. So I go into the house, and then I feel confused, adrift. Why am I here? Something important... So I do a quick walk around the house, looking for what the reason might be (while doing the potty jig). Oh! The dishes need to be done! That must be it. So I open the dishwasher and it's already got dishes in it, clean ones. Better put those away.

What am I doing?

I open the cupboard. What am I doing? Why did I open this? Oh! I must be grabbing a mug for water!

So I grab one and fill it. But ... Why wouldn't I just use my water bottle? Pfft of course! I must be making tea.

I stick it in the microwave. Damn I gotta pee. I walk to the bathroom and forget why. The bathroom is messy. I should Windex the mirror.

But the Windex is in with the car stuff because I washed my car yesterday. I go to look for it, but when I get to the carport, I don't remember what I'm looking for, or why.

I scan the carport, it had to be something important...

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