My Life and Narcolepsy

Before I found out I had narcolepsy I was made fun of all the time. I was released when I found out there was an answer to what was going on. A couple of tweaks with my medication and my life is going great.

Wishing people would understand

I get frustrated when I get tired and need to take a nap and I had people say, sleeping is for when you're dead. If you're tired suck it up. I found answers to all of my symptoms. I have type 1 narcolepsy with cataplexy. It sucks because the spells have stopped me from doing some things, especially at night afraid of having a spell in front of people.

With the night terrors at night, I found out if I watch TV in my room before falling asleep works so far. Always afraid of embarrassing my family or friends, whoever I am with. I have an older sister that understands me because she read up on it. My problem now is I had surgery and it seems to not get comfortable at night so I am up most of the night. I wish people would understand instead of being judgemental.

Being fired due to narcolepsy

As soon as I told my employer that I could not work over 80 hrs in 2 weeks they kept finding ways to get me out the door. They also took away some of my duties. Finally after numerous years of hard work and loving my job I got terminated for something not able to prove happened. Which didn't. So it is because of narcolepsy. Been rough...

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