Narcolepsy and Dreams

I have narcolepsy. I have had dreams about being in a school hall and it would be after the school was closed and the doors were locked. I would be standing by a locker and there would be a man figure way down the hallway and he would be running after me. I would take off running to the door but I knew I could not get out. He would always be behind me but never did get close to me.

Waking up confused

When I would get to the door I would wake up and go around looking to where I was. It would scare me so bad that I would start yelling, and I thought that my husband could hear me. I would ask him if he could hear me, he said he didn't, he said I would have this look on my face like I didn't know where I was. It would take a minute to get my mind back to reality and I would go back to sleep. Then I would jump up out of bed, go into the kitchen, and start cleaning. This was in the middle of the night. He could hear noise coming from the kitchen and he would get up and ask what I was doing. It would be around 2 in the morning and he would walk me back to bed.

Afraid of the nighttime

When I would get up in the morning, I did not remember any of the things I would do. I was scared and afraid that I would turn the stove on or do something and get hurt. This would happen 2 or 3 times a week. So he would wake up during the night and check to make sure I was still in bed. I would tell people what happened but they thought it was funny till I was diagnosed with narcolepsy. Has anyone ever had anything close like this happen? It still happens but not as often.

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