Fighting for myself

I’ve always had to self-advocate. Even as a young girl. I suppose that it prepared me for what was to come. Getting a diagnosis. Most doctors have scoffed at the idea that I am narcoleptic with cataplexy. Diagnosing me with everything but narcolepsy. Until I finally had enough.

Nobody can advocate for you, better than you! I refused to give up and made an appointment with my family doctor. I made a list of symptoms and questions. Unfortunately, the doctor didn’t really care about my concerns. He actually laughed at me when I suggested narcolepsy. I got the uneducated “you’re too young” and a laugh. I simply asked for a referral to a sleep specialist and was given one. Thank goodness for self-advocating! The sleep specialist was wonderful and educated. I am now diagnosed with narcolepsy with cataplexy.

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