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5 Narcolepsy Service Dog Basics

There are a few basics that make a narcolepsy service dog workable in public. This video introduces these basics one by one.

These are each demonstrated by my narcolepsy service dog, Kida. Kida is my German Shepherd service dog that is very eager to please.

Kida demonstrates 5 training basics


1. Sit

This is often utilized in public spaces when their handler is conducting their business. This can include standing in lines. The service dog must learn to stay focused on you despite what is going on in their environment.

2. Lay down

This is a more comfortable position for dogs physically and can be used for longer lengths than sit. This position is used during meals, movies, waiting rooms, etc. You can build the length of a "lay down" slowly to last hours.

3. Stay

Perhaps one of the most important commands, it can be taught by returning the pup to their position when they leave. Staying patient and consistent helps them learn. Remember that they want to succeed! Always end a training session on a good note.

4. Release

Tells your service dog that they can leave stay.

5. Tasks that help with narcolepsy symptoms

These are personal to you and can include sleep attack alerts, medication retrieval, and deep (or light) pressure therapy.

Have you heard of a service dog for narcolepsy? Is this something you think you could benefit from? Share in the comments below.

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