Book Review: Wide Awake and Dreaming by Julie Flygare

A little over a year after I was diagnosed with narcolepsy, I kept seeing other people talk about Julie Flygare’s book Wide Awake and Dreaming. People were saying how helpful it was and how great it was. It got me thinking.

I am not a reader, like at all, but the things people were telling me about this book, I had to give it a try. And I am so happy I did. To this day, this is my all-time favorite book.

Finally having the words to describe sleep paralysis

I learned so many things about myself and narcolepsy when I read this book. I learned that I had had sleep paralysis for as long as I can remember, and I never knew that was what I was experiencing. I always thought I would just have these bad dreams and that it was something everyone experienced.

I read that Julie experienced this and as she explained her experience, it made me realize that it was exactly what I was experiencing as well.

I felt less alone

Julie’s book was really eye-opening to me and is probably my favorite book I have read so far. As I was still fairly new to being diagnosed with narcolepsy, hearing that someone else was experiencing the same things I was, made me feel less alone in this journey.

Reading Julie’s book made me feel not so alone in my journey. I never felt so connected to someone I had never actually met before. After reading her book, I knew someone else experienced so many of the same things I was experiencing.

Recommended reading

I have had family members read this book, and it has helped them somewhat understand what I go through. They have realized that I’m not the only person going through these things daily.

If you have friends or family members struggling to understand what you’re going through daily with living with narcolepsy, I really suggest having them read this book.

I have a powerful story too

After I read this book, it got me thinking about how I have such a powerful story of my own that it made me want to possibly write my own book someday. I don’t have enough experience with writing to write a book yet, but someday I hope to. Julie has inspired me just from this one book.

To this day, I recommend this book to so many people. To people with narcolepsy who are newly diagnosed or to friends and family members to help them understand what I’m going through. I don't know what I would've done without it because I found out things I don't know if I would have found out if I had not read this book.

Have you read Julie's book yet? What are your thoughts on it? Are there any other books that you have found that are similar and you would recommend?

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