Community Advice for People Newly Diagnosed With Narcolepsy (Video)

You finally have an answer. You have narcolepsy. Maybe your diagnosis journey was straightforward. Maybe it was a long and difficult path to get to where you are. But now you are here, and it is perfectly normal to have questions, thoughts, and feelings about what the road ahead will be like.

Community advice for the newly diagnosed

When we asked our Facebook and Instagram communities to share advice for someone newly diagnosed with narcolepsy, we received an outpouring of responses.

In this video, check out some things our community had to say:


Coping with a narcolepsy diagnosis

Some of our community advocates have shared their personal experiences with receiving and coping with their narcolepsy diagnosis:

No matter how you are feeling, we want you to know you are not alone. You are always welcome to share and ask questions in this community.

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