Narcoleptic Friend Types According to the Enneagram (Part 1)

I have the pleasure of knowing a variety of different people who also suffer from narcolepsy. This friend group of mine includes people that I have connected with through online Zoom support groups. I am grateful to have their wisdom and support in my life.

My introduction to Enneagrams

One of these friends with narcolepsy brought up their Enneagram personality type. They felt that their personality type affected the ways in which they dealt with their narcolepsy symptoms, especially in social situations. Without a basic understanding of the Enneagram types, many of their explanations went over my head.

I could not get this topic out of my head in the days that followed this conversation. I began to grow curious about the ways in which typified personality types might present as friend types, and even more specifically, friend types that also suffer from narcolepsy.

Reimagining personality types and narcolepsy

According to European Management Journal, “In the Enneagram typology, individuals are held to fall into one of the nine type categories, each of which represents a preferred or habitual way of dealing with the world." This Journal goes on to refer to each of the Enneagram typologies in detail.1

Using this resource, I was able to reimagine these personality types through the lens of people suffering from narcolepsy. The 9 Enneagram personality types of friends with narcolepsy include:

Types 1s (Perfectionists)

These friends are encouraging as h*ll.

Having a bad day?

They’re always there to keep you motivated to keep your head up. They give solid advice when you are down about suffering from narcolepsy.

If you find yourself needing some direction in life, they’re happy to help you figure out the little steps to improving your situation. They encourage you to focus on the things within your control, rather than the things you cannot control due to your narcolepsy.

These friends may be difficult on themselves, but they make sure to acknowledge the growth you have made in your own life.

Type 2s (Givers)

These friends are selective in their circle, but ultimately very generous.

They value quality connections over having a large number of acquaintances. They make sure to actively listen when others are venting about issues surrounding their narcolepsy, and expect the same in return. They may volunteer to help in any way possible.

These friends ensure that those who have the courage to share their feelings are validated.

Type 3s (Performers)

These friends are large and in charge!

They are skilled in directing conversations in a way that keeps the group consciousness flowing seamlessly. They may share their positive experiences with certain narcolepsy treatments, eager at the thought that it just might change someone else’s life for the better.

If narcolepsy group discussions have no agenda, these friends will always have a backup conversation schedule in mind!

Type 4s (Romantics)

These friends are dreamers!

They might have utopian-level ideals surrounding disability awareness. They are not afraid to talk about the ways that narcolepsy has negatively impacted their life. As they share their intimate thoughts, their vulnerability inspires the rest of the group to dig deep as well. These friends may have strong ideas surrounding narcolepsy advocacy, and want the best for all those who suffer from the disease.

When these friends have a strong vision for the future, they are unrelenting in manifesting it.

Check out Part 2 of this article for Enneagram Types 5 to 9!

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