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"Running Out of Medication" Anxiety

At the moment, I have no specific doctor to support me with my narcolepsy.

Having recently moved to another country, I once again find myself searching for the right medical support... and it is not an easy task.

The medication refill process is exhausting and anxiety-inducing

Due to this, I have to depend on a family doctor to temporarily provide me with my medication, and with this comes waiting periods. My current process of obtaining my medication leaves me exhausted and extremely anxious.

Firstly, I have to go on a 30-minute journey to get a form that is designated for specific medication requests. After this, I fill it out and then submit the form to the doctor. I then go home and wait... and wait.

Since there is no defined time for doctors in Portugal to respond to medication requests, I never know how long it will take for my prescription to be sent out.

Controlled substances can only be prescribed in small amounts

Do you want to know the worst part of all this? If for some reason the prescription is taking longer than expected, I have no choice but to go all the way back to the clinic, as their phone number is practically useless. No one ever picks up, which means that you have to resolve any issues in person.

This entire process gives me extreme anxiety every time my medication is about to run out, and unfortunately, because the stimulants I take are controlled substances, it means that the amount permitted for 1 prescription is quite low.

I’m not sure what the process is like in other countries, but I believe most of us can relate to having feelings of anxiety in relation to our medications.

The mere thought of not having my narcolepsy medication can be frightening

Unfortunately, we do eventually become dependent on medication in order to function, and because of this, the mere thought of not having it can be frightening.

When I think of going even a day or 2 without medication, I get extremely anxious, because I know that during those days I will revert back to how I was before I received my diagnosis.

As someone who has to work a full-time job, I have to have my medication so that I am able to do this. At this moment, I am waiting for my doctor to send my next prescription and have no medication. Tomorrow is Monday, and I’m trying not to panic as I have a lot of work to do that I’m not sure I can do.

Untreated narcolepsy symptoms can heavily impact work

I have many responsibilities to clients working as a social media consultant, and having no idea when my prescription will be sent means that I could be working an entire week or more in this state. Feeling extremely sleepy, suffering from brain fog, and struggling to focus are just the most prominent symptoms that really affect my ability to work.

I’m hoping that my prescription will come soon, but I’m really interested to know if anyone else feels this extreme anxiety if they even imagine running out of medication. I hope that wherever you are, your process of obtaining medication is easier than mine.

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