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What Calls People With Narcolepsy

I haven't been sleeping well. Just because my body tells me I am exhausted, doesn't mean I will fall asleep well or even quickly. Things often roll around in my head especially if I have been busy at work or have tasks outstanding. I suffered some extreme back/shoulder spasms about a month ago and the recovery continues to be slow.

Outside my drug-induced sleep from prescription anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants, I find myself tossing things about including what needs to be done.

Poetry eases my restless mind

Then, when all else fails and I can no longer settle my mind, poetry pops out. As a final note, I always date/time stamp my poetry because it has shown a profound number of times I tend to write, mostly at night. So even if I cannot sleep, catharsis takes me to a new place.

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Maybe it comes from the vivid dreams or hypnopompic hallucinations I can get upon waking. However these poems form, they tend to ease my mind and allow me to rest once written down.

Why I wrote this poem

I wrote this poem in hopes that my body would take a hint and fall asleep. It's also for my friends in the narcolepsy group who seem to be up at all hours of the night. We all live in different places so that accounts for some of the disconnect from when I would typically message a group to when others might be on and message back.

Except I know my friends aren't sleeping well either. If it isn't for sleep apnea complicating the issue, the medications and other malaise so awesomely co-morbid are likely to be keeping us up. For anyone that feels exhausted upon waking, I feel with you.

If I could break the cycle of sleepiness

If I could sleep all day without consequence, what would that look like? Well, not much of a life, as given such that to have dreams, one needs to experience the waking world as well.

I feel like I knew what it was like once to not be tired upon waking, but that is like a living dream... Once I had energy and could tackle a day full force, but it seems so far away now. If I could break this cycle of sleepiness, I would no longer hear the call coming from my bedroom.

The Bed's Calling

Come sleep with me
In my deep blue sea
Of pillows and blankets
And sheets.
Come wrap up with me
Dreaming magnificent things
As your mind makes rings
And turns around.
Come lay with me
As you rest
But not rest
And more tired you become.
Come stay with me
Your body won't go
Though your mind is to-and-fro
And you need to awake.
Come back to me!
I'll see you at three!
Exhausted all day
and a nap you may.
(13Nov2020 @ 0353 ET)

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