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What Is Narcolepsy? — A Midnight Rant

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I wrote this as a Facebook status a few months ago when I was having a really rough night. I felt the need to share it here in case anyone can relate.
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What Is Narcolepsy? —a mid-night rant.

Narcolepsy is laying down all day praying for sleep because you can hardly keep your eyes open, only to somehow stay awake.

Narcolepsy is sleeping with the light on because maybe that will keep the monsters away.

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Narcolepsy is scheduling your whole life around sleep, even though your body still can’t rest.

Narcolepsy is going to bed by 8pm in order to give yourself ample time to sleep, which is still never enough.

Narcolepsy is taking expensive medications to “help” you live a seemingly normal life, only to inevitably fail you when you need it most.

Narcolepsy is waking up in the morning and immediately thinking about the next time you’ll be able to sleep again- hoping in vain that maybe you’ll wake up feeling refreshed that next time you get shut-eye.

Narcolepsy is taking a drug that otherwise would knock a “normal” person out within minutes, but for you only causes your body to feel limp.

Narcolepsy is taking hours to fall asleep, and when you finally drift into the sweet release of sleep you are so harshly ripped out of that by nightmarish creatures even Stephen King can’t imagine.

Narcolepsy is waking up in a cold sweat with a pounding heart and questioning if what you just saw was real or just another hallucination.

Narcolepsy is real. Narcolepsy is frustrating. Narcolepsy is scary. Narcolepsy is depressing. Narcolepsy sucks.

Want to share your own narcolepsy story? Submit here.

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