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Do you avoid driving due to your narcolepsy?

  1. I love driving so I don't think I could ever give that up but the only thing I cannot do is drive after like 2 am or something,

    1. I don't avoid it, but I am very cautious. I can drive long distances as long as it's not two hours there and two hours back in the same day. If I get a nap before having to drive back home, then I would be okay.

      1. Yes, I avoid driving more than 30 mins. I am very careful. I have a process with my spouse to decide if I’m okay to drive with or without her. On cue is if I ask her “Am I okay to drive?” That generally signals both of us that I likely shouldn’t drive. And I occasionally have driven somewhere on my own and had to call for her to pick me up because I couldn’t safely drive back home. The ridges cut into the road surface in the shoulder have saved my life several times.

        1. Thanks for sharing , sounds like you have worked out a good system with your spouse for you to know if you can drive or not that day. It can be very scary falling asleep at the wheel so I am glad you are remaining safe and be vigilant about driving. It can be hard not being able to drive places sometimes due to your narcolepsy. Warmly, Kristin ( Team Member)

      2. I don’t drive on highway but in my small town where the speed limit is 25 am able to do safely

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