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Do you avoid driving due to your narcolepsy?

  1. I'm thirteen and live on a farm. Just a couple of days ago, my dad actually suggested I learn to drive. I was point blank saying 'no way.'
    The actual reason is, I'm not taking any medication for Narcolepsy yet. I'm young and just really don't want to be on medication yet, even if it helps.
    And, the motion of any vehicle, car, bus, plane, boat, you name it, puts me to sleep almost instantly. the idea of driving a car, something that puts me to sleep so fast, really scares me.
    Especially because I've always been afraid of being in a car crash. I seriously doubt that even my concentration on the road wouldn't be able to keep me awake.

    1. Hun you should never drive you feel sleepy. If you went to take your driving test with how you describe you feel you probably not pass or be given your license. I hope your dad starts to understand how dangerous what he requesting from you is. Just take your time have regular naps and learn how to manage the illness.

  2. I do not because since I was diagnosed and put on medication I do not get sleepy or have other signs while driving like I did before. BUT I have my self imposed rules for myself. If I get sleepy I stop driving no matter how much it causes problems for me. Or I ask someone else to drive.

    1. I was told that I should never drive because the motion of vehicles even while on my narcolepsy meds puts me to sleep

      1. Yes, I've always had apprehension driving before I was diagnosed. Now, my husband does 99.9% of the driving. I will only in an emergency.

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