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Do you avoid driving due to your narcolepsy?

  1. Unfortunately I have to drive myself to work/school. However, if I am going on a road trip I don't drive much. Thankfully my partner is a big fan of driving so he is happy to be at the wheel for extended periods of time. If I am a passenger in the car, I start nodding off within thirty minutes.
    Xoxo/Zzz, Gabrielle

    1. I can't avoid it. So I work around it. I wasn't diagnosed until about 2 ish years ago (I'm 36 now), but have had symptoms since about age 11. So driving has been fun.... I used to could do like 2 hours but not there and back in one day. As I have gotten older the worse it is. I usually will prepare the best I can if I have to drive more than 25 minutes to an hour. Sometimes I still get sleepy. Anything over that, I don't do. Usually. There was a time not that ling ago where my boyfriend went to buy a car that was 3 hours away. I had to drive back with the kids in our vehicle while he drove the new one back. (We tried for the usual hitch but that didn't work out at all.). It sucked, however my bf was very accommodating and sensitive to my needs. (Been together for over 8 yrs). So we got lunch, then took the kids to a local park for awhile so I could catch a little nap. Then about an hour after I had to stop. Get some coffee, and a little snack... but we made it home safe. I also give some of that credit to alot of praying and loud heavy music.
      My daughter, now almost 11 has understood from a very young age that when mommy's eyes get tired we have to stop somewhere for 20 min. Or so (its almost at a point I can tell if I need 15 min or like 40.) She don't like it but understands to find something quietly to do. . Even medicated I still have hours driving. Usually I can feel them coming on. But sometimes like around my typical nap times, if I have to drive I will catch myself microsleeping (no warning). (Also sorry for such a long post). It is nice to share stories with people who understand the difficulties.

      1. Hi , thanks so much for sharing! It sounds like you have an awesome support system that understands you need breaks while driving. Do you drive long hours often? Best, Allison (Team Member)

    2. Driving makes me very sleepy, UNLESS, I can get out on the highway and drive at an excessive speed. If I can do that, I am focused, and interested, and not sleepy in the least. I guess maybe I have ADHD too.

      1. I love driving so I don't think I could ever give that up but the only thing I cannot do is drive after like 2 am or something,

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