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How long did it take to get diagnosed with narcolepsy?

  1. 41 years.

    1. 26years

      1. I'm so sorry that your diagnosis took as long as it did . There are so many people with narcolepsy who would have a very similar experience, who struggle for years with no answers. How are you going now? Have you found any relief from your symptoms since receiving a diagnosis? Take Care, Judy ( Team Member)

    2. From the time you suspect it or your whole life not knowing about narcolepsy? I didn't get diagnosed until I was 34 over 20 years ago. I had never heard of narcolepsy when I was diagnosed. I was having it right in the doctors office and my mom was describing what was happening because the spells were bad at that time when my fibromyalgia started after a car accident. After diagnosis and learning about it I realized I have had it since I was a child. I also had dna test back then that showed I was 63 percent or a number close to that likely to have narcolepsy. Good luck with your diagnosis.

      1. Thanks so much for sharing your experience , sounds like you went through quite a journey with your diagnosis. How are you feeling now? Warmly, Kristin ( Team Member)

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