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Jobs for people with narcolepsy

What jobs do you all have? I am finding that stress is influencing my narcolepsy too much. My job is just way too much stress and I need to find a new one. I am just curios what types of jobs you have found that works for you? I really need something that is full time, but it does not have to be.

  1. I currently work as a paraprofessional. It's a pretty sweet gig. I don't if it is the most accommodating thing. I am open with my students about my narcolepsy. That does help. Tre, Team Member

    1. I'm still in the process of diagnosis but I finally have a doctor who's listening to me. It's nice to see some options to consider for when I get back into the workforce, thanks everyone!!

      1. Good luck with your diagnosis! Hope everything goes ok! Lets us know how it works out! Take care, iris x

    2. When I was young, I worked at a sortation hub for UPS. Later, I left there and worked for what is now Fedex ground as a Sort Manager. I was very good at the small package business. I was tired all the time, BUT those two places were almost custom designed for me. Those jobs were SO fast paced and intense, that I didn't get tired and I enjoyed them. Looking back, if I had known, I should have stayed there. I had tremendous trouble later working at a desk. It was deadly for me. Some days I handled more work than anyone else. Other days, I couldn't get anything done. If you are like me, you need a job that keeps you busy physically. If I am stationary for very long, I am toast.

      1. I agree on your info. Definitely have to have a job that kept me busy when I was working because if not I would fall asleep

    3. Hey Tara, this has been one of the biggest issues in my life from the very beginning. For 6 years I worked as an Event Organiser in a Marketing agency and this had a huge impact on how I handled my narcolepsy once I was diagnosed. As I'm sure you know, working in Events is a job that hasn't really got defined hours. I worked myself to the point of getting very ill and I had to give that up. However, this year, I had a proposal to work as Marketing Manager and I accepted. Did it for 2 and half months and my symptoms started to get worst again. I ended up quitting about 2 weeks ago. I've had to accept that I cannot work in environments where I have constant high stress and cannot control my own schedule. So now I am looking for freelance work as a Content Creator/Writer as I can do this at home and in my own time. Unfortunately, I doubt I will ever accomplish my dream of being a Wedding Planner, but this has forced me to try and realize another dream of being a writer. The important thing I have found is to always try and find a solution and not focus on the problem. I hope this helps! Take care, Iris xxx

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