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Narcolepsy and Stress

Do you find that stress increases your daytime sleepiness or other symptoms?

  1. I totally know what you mean, I've definitely had less emotional energy the last year or so. Sorry to hear you've been struggling more this past year. I hope things have been getting better since your post. Best Wishes! -Aron (Team Member)

    1. They will-the grass is always greener...

  2. Unfortunetly, Narcolepsy can create brain lesions I don't know if there is a diect connetion between the disease and stress; however,

    1. 'becoming bruised'

    2. No worries hun! I'm definitely going to search too! I know what you mean. It's an interesting theory! Thanks so much!!

  3. Getting to my course at college has been very stressful despite my carer being super patient with me. Lateness to classes and non attendance have increased weekly recently. I'm really struggling, but I'm not going to give up. Thanks for understanding hearts.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that hun! It definitely must not be easy but nothing that's worth it ever is! Keep being strong and I have absolutely no doubt that you can do it!! Iris xxxx

  4. Yes even the slightest bit starts making me tired. There's no reason why subtle changes throughout the day should cause me to collapse. Tre, Team Member

    1. So sorry for such a late reply! Can't believe I missed this comment! Thanks so much for reading and I can definitely relate unfortunately hehe. Hope you're ok! Take care, Iris xxx

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