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Symptoms of Narcolepsy varying from day to day:

-mood swings
-feelings of hopelessness
-suicidal thoughts
-constant irresistible tiredness, fatigue, and/or drowsiness
-struggle to positively view one's self
-lack of interest or motivation
-constant feeling of hunger or thirst
-brain fog varying in all ranges
-weight fluctuations
-cardiac issues
-bad temper
-hallucinations of all sorts
-sudden irritation or frustration
-the feeling of loosing one's mind
-trying not to inflict self harm
-sleep paralysis
-memory loss
-flooded emotions
-trouble registering info in my head
-acting out my dreams
-feeling lost
- confusion
- ran body temp increase
-random loss in muscle functioning
- agitation brought on from lights
-physically interacting even when unaware or sleep

  1. Living with narcolepsy is definitely a roller coaster. Thanks for opening up about what you personally struggle with. I hope you can find some positive aspects that help you get through the daily struggles. I try to focus on the things that have caused growth in my life (even within my narcolepsy symptoms), and with that positive mindset, I feel like my symptoms are more manageable. Obviously, I still have some ups and downs (like we all do!), but I try to keep myself in a positive headspace to help me get through it all. Wishing you well!
    Xoxo/Zzz, Gabrielle

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