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What about the end?

So, I'm quite young and no longer fall asleep driving- but when I was doing that often, I became very worried about the end. But now, I had a thought- like everyone else here, I just want there to be a cure, but I also want my family to be able to visit me. Am I allowed to donate my brain but keep my body? Or if other things are useful (CSF, maybe?) Could my body be sent to get what's needed and then returned back home? I don't want my family visiting an empty grave but I know that I could help further research

  1. Wow that is quite an interesting question! I don't think that I've ever thought about that. I would also love to be able to do that but from what I've read in the replies to this it doesn't seem like our brains are very helpful unless they can be studied while we're alive in real time. That's a shame! 🙁

    Great question though! Thanks for sharing! Take care, Iris (Team member) xxxx

    1. Yes, I have thought of donating my brain for Narcolepsy research. However, a friend told me that it would not be useful then. It is useful when you are alive. Is this true? If that is so I hope technology improves more and more to make it a possibility in the future.
      (Team Member)

      1. not a bad idea..maybe we need to make pamphlets (welcome packets?) For doctor offices

      2. Right?? I know Project Sleep is a narcolepsy nonprofit that makes pamphlets for narcolepsy periodically, on different topics related to narcolepsy. I wonder if they distribute them to doctors offices, especially sleep doctors... It is a great idea and could help so many people!! Warmest regards, Tatiana (narcolepsy.sleep-disorders.ent Team Member)

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