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Raising Awareness: My Relationship With Sleep

A healthy relationship with sleep is important to our health and overall well-being. But what happens when that relationship is fractured? This week, we will be raising awareness about sleep by focusing on mending that relationship, sharing personal stories, and providing resources to help those of you living with narcolepsy.

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Plus, read more about how other people living with narcolepsy describe their relationship with sleep:

  • My Toxic Relationship With Sleep: A Realistic Portrait of Narcolepsy
  • "Realistically, narcolepsy is very different from the 'fall asleep randomly' stereotype. While these caricatures in films and TV shows are purposely exaggerated to obtain a laugh, they turn narcolepsy into a joking matter when it isn’t."

  • Sleep Is My Superpower
  • "Although sleep has put me in some hilarious and scary situations, it really is a superpower in so many ways. I rely on my ability to take naps during the day in order to function."

  • How I Feel About Naps
  • "Everyone without narcolepsy has told me how lucky I am that I can nap whenever I want. Before my diagnosis, I would sleep well over half the day some days, and I never considered myself lucky because I couldn’t function without napping and sleeping all the time."

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