a cat with a speech bubble talking about how her human, shown below laying in bed, sleeps all the time

If Cats Could Talk

My name is DJ Bwoga, and I am a Russian blue mixed cat. Kerly adopted me in December 2017. When I would think of adoption, I hoped to be chosen by loving human beings who would care for me, love me, and feed me regularly.

I was adopted 1 month after the death of mum's previous pet. Alfie's passing was not only sudden but horrific. A purposeless killing! Some may say that I am a replacement cat but no 2 cats are the same. Alike yes, but each cat has its own personality. Mum reminded me every so often at the beginning that I was no replacement for her beloved pedigree ginger cat. No one could replace him.

My mum has narcolepsy

I do not doubt that my new mom loves me because she feeds me with expensive food, buys me toys and cat trees, and takes me on trips to grandma's house.

But the most crucial thing everyone forgot to mention before we left the shelter was that Kerly has narcolepsy with cataplexy. At first, I thought, "Cool, she just likes to sleep. So do I."

I thought she must have the wrong label. Is it normal for a human being to sleep this much?

Triggering a cataplexy attack

One night about a month ago, mum was getting ready for bed. She was in the kitchen pouring some liquid (Xyrem) in 2 small orange containers. She does this every night. She was already sleepy and off-balance. I went to hide under the bed. When she came into the bedroom, I grabbed her leg and bit it.

Immediately she started having a cataplexy attack. Her knees buckled. I thought she was playing with me, so I kept biting her leg until she was on the floor.

Five minutes later, when she finally came around, she screamed at me and locked me out of the bedroom. I don't understand why she was so upset. After all, it was only a game.

New strategies to get mum out of bed

Having a mum with narcolepsy means that on lazy days we can sleep in together. The downside is that I have to wait for ages to be fed. I hardly get fed on time.

As a result, I have devised a few new strategies as meow is no longer effective: face-licking, massage, and a cry that says, "I'm dying." I have found this utterance to be the most effective in getting her out of bed.

Cleaning is exhausting

My 2 favourite smells are the smell of bleach and hair. I don't know why it is almost as good as catnip. I wish mum would clean the floor with bleach more often. Cleaning makes her very exhausted. So recently, she has had a lovely lady come every 2 weeks who loves to use bleach.

Then I get to roll round on clean floors. She makes the bed all posh just for me. Mom gets upset if I get in the bed first after the lovely lady made it look posh. I'm not sure why?

Do you have a pet? How does having narcolepsy affect your pet? Does having a pet help to lower your stress or help with your narcolepsy in any way? Please share your experience with us.

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