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Cooking with Narcolepsy

Does anyone avoid cooking altogether? I have gotten to the point where I only use devices that are timed because I fear I will burn the house down using the stove. Often times I do not even feel tired, but I end up in my bed and next thing I know I am waking up in a panic. So the air fryer is my best friend!

  1. I still cook but I only cook the easy meals, like scrambled egg, sauted veggies, or easy to fry food. Sometimes I make overnight oats so it is indeed safe to do. I just make some simple meals for breakfast and dinner, but that's because I only live with my partner. We buy our lunch at work so that's where we got the other food options 😁

    1. I have started to enjoy cooking in stages. First I buy exactly what I need. Then I have a long nap. Second step is prepping everything (chopping, cooking pasta or rice, measuring broth or cream etc) whilst I watch something to keep me occupied. If needed I have another nap. And then I start putting the meal together (frying or boiling or whatever is needed). This way it takes me a long time to cook and I do have quite some washing up to do but at least I feel in control 😉

      1. I definitely understand your process, but thinking about taking that many hours to complete a meal that will take me 10> to eat is why I’d rather eat something quick and admittedly less tasty ☹️

      2. I love this! Thanks so much for sharing! Best, Allison (Team Member)

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