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Did you tell your employer?

Did you tell your employer you have narcolepsy? What was the conversation like?

  1. I have told employers before, sometimes they have said something like: 'that's fine', as if I told them I had a cold and then went on to discriminate against me. (Didn't renew my contract because I was 'too slow&apos😉. I had others do similar, saying 'that's fine' but then refusing accommodations, calling me lazy etc. and others found out by someone else telling them and then I got overtly discriminated against. A lot needs to change. We deserve better, I believe that this is possible and we will achieve it, even though it will take time. Let's keep this conversation going. Sending solidarity to anyone struggling with workplaces. Don't be afraid to ask for the accommodations you have a right to! I do believe there are some understanding workplaces out there as well which are worth finding. Of course working here, having narcolepsy is an asset! Lauren (Team Member)

    1. I told them and we are so short staffed so they gave me no day off when my medication was making me ill, and also have yet to make me stop working overtime. It gets brushed off and I think it's taken as me being lazy.

      1. I'm really sorry you're having to go through that. That's just awful, I've also had so many bad experiences with employers. I wonder if there's an opportunity for you to join a union? They will be aware of your rights and can negotiate such things with your employers. There are laws in place that mean employers need to make adjustments and having time off when you're unwell and lowered hours is an adjustment. I'm linking you an article about workplace accommodations which I hope might help. I also really like Kerly's idea about giving them leaflets from a narcolepsy org. It might also be worth contacting a narcolepsy charity that is local to you, some of them may be able to help. Wishing you the best, please keep us posted about this. Lauren (Team Member)

      2. I am so sorry to hear that they wouldn't give you a day off. Is there something like a union or someone you can talk to at work? I believe you should have rights as a worker and also because of your disability.
        Kerly { Team Member}

    2. Yes, they asked how it affects you? I also gave them a leaflet from Narcolepsy UK charity. That breaks the information down. Kerly (Team Member)

      1. thanks for sharing that, I am sure giving them the leaflet was helpful for them to learn more about narcolepsy. Great idea. Warmly, Kristin (Team Member)

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