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How do you manage narcolepsy at work?

Share your tips, strategies, and experiences in managing work responsibilities while navigating life with narcolepsy.

  1. I run an veterinary hospital so a few things:
    1) transparency with my team and my boss. Some of the symptoms with Narcolepsy could be dangerous in a setting with animals and needles so for me, it’s important that others are aware
    2) plan what you can plan around your most awake times and for the rest, reach out for accommodations
    3) talk to your doctor. When I was in college, once I got to my last 2 years, we had to add an additional medication to my daily regimen because i couldn’t do it with my usual prescription.

    1. I am so glad you advocated for yourself during school and, later, at work and that your employer has been accomodating, . I wish more employers understood that those accomodations make for happy, productive and loyal employees. It sounds like you have come up with some great strategies for coping and for making the most of your best hours. Thanks for sharing what helps. - Lori (Team Member)

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