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Looking for individual health insurance for someone who has narcolepsy with prescription coverage


My daughter is 27 years old she is currently under state insurance which covers her medical and her very expensive prescription for her illness. She is currently taking some online classes to be more specific in a job choice as she has a bachelor degree in communications. She is very respectable to everyone- a very kind person but I do worry about her so much.
I was trying to figure out how I could help her when I am not here anymore and I thought about taking the savings I had to build a 1 level duplex and give it to her so she would be able to pay for her health insurance. during her life. I do not have a ton of money and thought maybe this could be the greatest help I could give her.
Im so lost on how to go about this trying to find a health insurance that would cover something like this and of course any other things that may occur. I dont live in a prosperous area but think that after yearly expenses the rent from the two apt would bring approx 12,000.00 per year. Is there any advice you could give me please I surely would appreciate it so much.
Thank You,

Joe Kalmon

  1. Hi Joe, thanks for reaching out! Insurance is definitely difficult for many in our community with narcolepsy. Hopefully, a few of our community members will chime in with their experiences. Does your daughter find that her current insurance has been helpful & reliable? Best, Allison (Team Member)

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