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What is the strangest/ most interesting place or funniest (to you) experience taking a nap? To name a couple, I have napped on a sofa in the outdoor area of a club in Berlin and once I fell asleep on the shoulder of a stranger on a bus for a good 20 mins and he did not say anything, very awkward but funny! Would love to hear other people's stories!

  1. I literally fell asleep leaning against a hugeee loudspeaker at a club one time! The music was blaring so loud that i cannot fathom how I could ever fall asleep with my ear pressed against it and standing up!! So crazy!! Oh my gosh I can't believe that person just let you sleep on their shoulder, what a nice person! He must have been so freaked out lol! Great story! Thanks for sharing hun! Take care, Iris xxx

    1. Lool! Yes brain fog is a beautiful thing (not hehe)! But no at the time that happened I wasn't diagnosed yet so I didn't know. If it happened today I would like to think that I would be able to explain but honestly I'm not sure that I would be able to even now. And that truly is a sad fact unfortunately 🙁 Girl, do what I do and have a word document with all your passwords lol! That's the only way I can remember anything these days! Take care hun! Iris xxx

    2. Yeah I understand and even with diagnosis sometimes it's just too much effort especially when you are that sleepy! Yeah I write them down sometimes, but a lot of the time I don't remember to and it's unlikely but I worry someone would hack and find all my passwords haha. Best, Lauren 😀 xxx

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