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What is the strangest/ most interesting place or funniest (to you) experience taking a nap? To name a couple, I have napped on a sofa in the outdoor area of a club in Berlin and once I fell asleep on the shoulder of a stranger on a bus for a good 20 mins and he did not say anything, very awkward but funny! Would love to hear other people's stories!

  1. Toilet! Constantly. It worried my mom LOL somehow she just knew to check up on me . It pissed me off though that she would worry, it's none of her business what I do in there LOL

    1. I literally fell asleep leaning against a hugeee loudspeaker at a club one time! The music was blaring so loud that i cannot fathom how I could ever fall asleep with my ear pressed against it and standing up!! So crazy!! Oh my gosh I can't believe that person just let you sleep on their shoulder, what a nice person! He must have been so freaked out lol! Great story! Thanks for sharing hun! Take care, Iris xxx

      1. Yeah I understand and even with diagnosis sometimes it's just too much effort especially when you are that sleepy! Yeah I write them down sometimes, but a lot of the time I don't remember to and it's unlikely but I worry someone would hack and find all my passwords haha. Best, Lauren 😀 xxx

      2. I never think I have anything that would interest hackers lol! But yes you are right, have to be careful with these things! Take care hun. Iris xxx

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