How I Am Living With Narcolepsy

Living with narcolepsy has not been easy. When I was much younger, I always imagined how other people work without getting tired easily. They don’t fall asleep like I do. I said to myself "Why am I not like them or am I cursed or something?".

I've always felt different

I can’t last long in any activity, I get tired or fall asleep so quickly. I’ve always felt like I’m different and can’t cope with so many things. My parents don’t understand me, my siblings always tell me to stop sleeping anywhere anytime. I told them I’m trying but it's not working, but they said you need to stop that. I know they don’t understand what I am going through.

Searching for answers

I met a doctor some time ago and told him what was happening to me. He said that I needed to go for a blood test, but I didn’t go because this is not something that has to do with blood. I have browsed about it and I know how the test is done. I also talked to my mom about it and she said we are going to pray about it. Well, I believe in prayers, but I need to be treated because I haven’t undergone any treatment or medication. I am 26 years old.

How do I know I have narcolepsy? I browsed and did research on the internet to know what is the cause of my problem and that is how I found out that it is called narcolepsy.

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