Narcolepsy and Medicare

Dealing with narcolepsy is difficult enough, but being a senior citizen with narcolepsy, or any rare disease, is unbelievable!

Finding medication that might work

I’ve taken amphetamines for many years because they were the only thing I found that would help. I’ve learned that my body became so used to them that they don’t do the job anymore. My neurologist has tried many other things to no avail. I heard about Wakix from someone taking it and he said that it really helped him. He gets it free from Wakix4u. I called them...

Only to be told I don't qualify

I am on Medicare so I don’t qualify. My insurance wanted nearly $1500.00 every month which is more than my social security check. I called every possible resource and, no one except NORD will help if you are on Medicare. NORD put me on a waiting list which I am still on 8 months later. I call and check thinking that maybe they forgot about me but, no…. Still waiting!

The reality of being on Medicare

Why is it that seniors are punished for being on Medicare? Plus, Medicare is our only option unless, of course, we are a member of Congress. Then I wonder why some liberals want everyone on Medicare! Why? So that no one can get needed medication? My insurance even tried to tell me a mammogram wasn’t covered! Yes, I fought that and won, thank God! So, what do I do with myself? I force myself to get up and get dressed every morning. I try to keep my house clean although that is if my naps aren’t too long. I eat a meal and, another nap! I’ve gained far too much weight and I’m still waiting for a drug that I don’t even know will work!

I have always believed that Medicare was insurance to help seniors. Sometimes I wish I could qualify for MediCal, at least then I could try the medication! So, all I can suggest for those of you who are young is, DON’T GET OLD!!! I want to live, not sleep and sleep and sleep. Oh for the strength to go for a walk! Sorry, I’m not giving you hope but, this is reality! Reality for seniors is not a bed of roses for sure!

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