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Are there jobs that are off-limits?

The other day I was telling a friend of mine that I had jokingly applied to be a flight attendant (even though I'm pretty sure I won't get it lol) but it's a career that always interested me.

My friend looked seriously worried and said "Do you think that's safe?"

It took me a while to realise that she was referring to my narcolepsy. It didn't even cross my mind honestly...but it got me curious...

Are there jobs that you would say are completely off the table for those of us with narcolepsy??

  1. Hmmm i dont think anything with nightshift would be ideal. Not for me anyway. If i change my sleep pattern, my symptoms increase dramatically. I am in a high stress job dealing with homicides, child abuse etc and i do not think it affects my condition. I have had narcolepsy since childhood and never noticed a change with any of the high stress jobs i have had.

    1. Wow really? For me personally, I've found that stress is something that really exacerbates my narcolepsy symptoms in a major way unfortunately. I think I do agree with you though...I had a nightshift job for 1 month once and it was ridiculously hard...I couldn't even do it for more than that month. So do you feel that narcolepsy has affected your career at all or has it been ok? Thanks for sharing with uss. Take care, Iris xxx

  2. I was told I should not try to be a nurse because my friend, a nurse, said I could not handle the hours nor could I stay awake or take a nap. I think, in my case, she was right.

    1. Hi . Did you find a profession that is better suited to you given your health issues? Wishing you the best. - Lori (Team Member)

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