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What is your experience with cataplexy, do you have triggers? How do you explain it to others?

  1. Cataplexy has been a dangerous symptom of Narcolepsy. I have had so many falls in public. One of the worse falls was when i was at the gym on the tredmill watching Friends. I got thrown back into the Cross trainer. I can rememmber the ladys face who was on the machine i got thrown into. My main triggers is laughter and exhuastion. Funny enough my youngest sister is also a trigger so less time i spend with her the better she very funny. I explain to other Caplaexy is a sudden loss of muscel control. I say it will look like a fit but please do not panic. If my head is not in danger just leave me and be quiet and i will come out of it faster. The more you talk and fuss the longer it takes me to come out of the attack.

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