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I was born premature 1 pound 9 oz thank God for bringing me thus far. Fast-forward to 2014: Got diagnosed with Narcolepsy without cataplexy but my disorder began with sleep apnea. Also found out I have a hole in brain due to blunt trauma but never been hit with a sharp object.
This is my life story just a little anyways.
Message for all readers:
We all face and suffer something different but never let your situations change or lower who you are. I know stress come with all this but God(almighty)can heal us from our illness if we put our total trust in him and work for him and obey him. God can heal us according to his timing and if it's His will. Narcolepsy Disorder is a stressful disorder also rare and nobody will never understand our illness but God and us. I love all of you all and keep your head up and each day we are blessed to awake let us give God praise and the honor He deserves. I'm not perfect spiritually but I do honor God and recognize his goodness. Have a good day people

  1. Thanks as always for sharing your uplifting messages! I am glad there are people out there who are willing to be as open about their lives as you are!
    Xoxo/Zzz, Gabrielle

    1. , wow, thank you for being so open and sharing your incredible story. We are truly so lucky to have you as a part of our community. You are always so positive and uplifting to everyone here. Thanks again for sharing. Best, Allison (Team Member)

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