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Do you have any recurring hallucinations?

Are there any particular sleep paralysis/hallucinations that you find you have constantly?

  1. Yeah it's so strange isn't it! I have also had the archetype of the 'old hag', in fact it was so common to have these that sleep paralysis hallucinations were traditionally actually called 'old hag' or 'deamon on your chest'. It's very strange and creepy indeed! Mine too, much more around real things more recently as well! Wow, yeah I remember you telling me about that, it sounds so scary and because its more a real life thing it's harder to know that it's a hallucination! I still get really confused by the audio ones! I haven't had one exactly like that with an earthquake but I have ones where I hear things in the distance like someone breaking into my house or loud music, fireworks and I get ones where theres something in my bed. Sometimes a person, the other day it was a cat cuddling me which was not bad for once lol! (I don't have a cat and no one in my house does so was deffo a hallucination!) I still get supernatural ones sometimes though. Had some mischievous fae (like a supernatural creature) in my room that led to a dream of them transporting me off to their fae realm and tricking me in some way a while back lol! Makes you wonder whether these kind of hallucinations inspired mythology. You too, it's so interesting to hear what other people hallucinate!
    Best Wishes, Lauren xxx

    1. Thanks! Oh my god, I've had things like that before, lots of war zones in my dreams. 'Luckily I don't trust myself' I find it really sad we have to second guess ourselves! I can really relate to being convinced something was real that was a hallucination! Sending support! Yeah it would be a bit embarrassing but don't put yourself down about it! Best Wishes, Lauren x

    2. Thanks so much for the support hun! It really is sad that we can't trust our own minds but that's the hand we were dealt unfortunately. Gotta make the best of what you're given I believe. 😀 Thanks so much again! Take care xxx

  2. I used to get the old classic shadow man at the end of my bed like every night or whenever I had a sleep attack for years before my hallucinations got stronger, then for a couple of years it was more like some kind of monster that kept trying to drag me out of bed almost every night. I don't tend to get recurring ones as much nowadays. Still scary ones but they are a bit more weird and different from one another. What about you? Best Wishes, Lauren (Team Member)

    1. Hey Lauren! It's so crazy that it sometimes seems that we all have very similar hallucinations for some reason. Right at the beginning of my symptoms I also used to get the classic shadow man but luckily haven´t had that one in years. It was extremely creepy! However, it seems that my hallucinations lately have become so much more centred around more real situations. For example, for a long time last year I used to feel tremors as though I was feeling an actual earthquake happening. It was intense. I don't know if you have ever experienced something like this? Thanks for sharing hun! Take care! Iris xxx

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