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Where is the most embarrassing place you have fallen asleep?

Share your answers below!

  1. @I feel asleep in JFK randomly as I was walking through the terminal. Woke up in the ambulance & missed my flight!

    1. Ive fallen asleep in my room fully naked on my bed and also standing up outside leaning on a wall

      1. I have had narcolepsy/ cataplexy for 35 years and I had just been married and not knowing I had narcolepsy, although I suffered lots of symptoms, but just put it down to being tired. My in-laws travelled with us all over the North Island New Zealand for our honeymoon, and we travelled in the same car, and I was in the back seat from day 1, as soon as the car started , I was out like a light, and never did see a lot of the island as I slept , and felt like yuk most of time , it was bad.
        Have to look on bright side, I’m divorced now 🤣

        1. In court. I had escorted two inmates to see the judge. Woke up with all eyes on me and drool on my uniform. Scary moment!

          1. IN COURT! Nooooooooo- That's crazy! Tre, Team Member.

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