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Do You Prefer A Set Timer For Your Naps?

When taking a nap, do you prefer to set a timer for a specific amount of time, or to sleep until you wake up? Which works better for you and why?

  1. When I get sleepy for a nap regardless of the time of day I have to eat my alarm to get up so I can help my son with his school work

    1. You are smart to set an alarm, . Does that also help you son to stay on a schedule with his homework? Wishing you the best. - Lori (Team Member)

  2. I set 45 min to an hour alarm mostly. But i try to let the body guide me.

    1. I always feeling better when I wake up naturally. So I prefer to do this but unfortunately, I have to set the alarm on most naps so I don't sleep the day away.

      1. I feel better waking naturally too. I find that if I set a timer, and don't wake on my own accord it's like I'm still unable to focus and work as effectively as I would if I didn't. Do you set a timer for the same amount every time, or do you set it according to how tired you feel?

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