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Does your daily schedule affect narcolepsy symptoms?

I have an initial consult booked with a sleep specialist in a couple months because I think I could have narcolepsy type 2...Two months is a lot of time to talk myself out of it because I seem to only struggle with excessive daytime sleepiness on days where I have to go somewhere in the morning (which is most days). On Saturdays, when I'm able to stay in bed until I feel like getting up, I feel great! Every other day of the week, I'm sleepy throughout the day even though I get 7-8 hours of sleep. Occasionally, it's severe enough that I find myself almost dozing off during my 30 minute morning commute (which is what prompted me to book the consult). When looking at the big picture, my symptoms aren't severe enough on a regular basis so that I think, "I definitely have narcolepsy!" Consequently, I go back and forth about whether the initial consult is really warranted. However, I'm only 24, so maybe this is the onset of narcolepsy? Two months is a lot of time to go back and forth and fret about whether I have narcolepsy or not.

  1. You owe it to yourself to find out whether or not you have Narcolepsy. I encourage you to keep your appointment.

    1. Update: I was able to get an earlier consultation. A sleep study has been scheduled. The doctor suspects narcolepsy or IH.

      1. Hi , thanks so much for sharing an update! Have you had your sleep study yet? Thanks, Allison (Team Member)

      2. Not yet! It’ll be in a couple weeks.

    2. Definitely go through with the sleep study. I agree that 2 months is a long time to talk yourself out of doing it. Knowing for sure either way will make it worth the wait.
      (Team Member)

      1. This definitely happens to me a lot of the times. I've been realising that there are certain things that trigger my sleepiness so much more than others and they are really hard to recognise at first. So things like stress, worry, anxiety, boredom...etc

        So something like having to wake up early to go to work, thinking about the journey there, worrying about getting there on time or stressing about something that I know I have to get done that day...this can be a big trigger! It sounds like maybe that's what could be happening to you...what do you think?

        I definitely advise going through with a sleep study because then hopefully you can know exactly what it is and what kind of treatment could help.

        Hope this helped you somewhat! Keep us updated please and thanks for sharing! Best wishes, Iris (Team member) xxx

        1. Thank you so much for responding. It helps to have a little confirmation that it isn't just me being paranoid.

        2. No worries at all! Anytime! xxxx

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