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How are your holidays looking?

Hey! Just wanted to know how everyone is coping with the upcoming holidays, if you're having any difficulties or even if you just have any cool plans??

Wishing everyone happy holidays!!

  1. I spent an early Christmas with my family, it just involved getting together for dinner and a small gift exchange; very laid back. Then I got covid (for the first time ever!!) a few days before Christmas, but thankfully I was well enough to spend the day with my fiance's family. Again, super laid back and enjoyable. Hope you also had a good holiday season!
    Xoxo/Zzz, Gabrielle

    1. Oh my gosh Gabrielle. Was your covid bad? I've only had it once too but it was genuinely soo bad. I felt awful! Hope yours wasn't too bad. Glad you had a good Christmas and hope the weather wasn't too bad where you are! Happy new year hun!! Take care, Iris xxxxx

    2. Honestly it wasn't too bad, it was just like a really bad cold. I had a fever for two days and I had a snot nose for a few days after that. I lost my sense of smell and taste for a week (which was very strange!).
      Happy new year!
      Xoxo/Zzz, Gabrielle

  2. Happy Holidays! I spent Christmas Day with extended family at my house which meant so much preparation on Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning and then a busy day of hosting! It was lovely but definitely took its toll on me as I spent the majority of yesterday sleeping. I definitely struggled with the preparation as I found myself getting really irritable and eventually just needed some time to just sit and do nothing😂 hope you have had a good time! Best wishes, Bella xxx

    1. Aww so lovely to hear about your christmas hun! Sorry to hear about the difficulties but I can definitely relate! Christmas is always a demanding period unfortunately and I can imagine with people that have kids how much worse it can be! I hope it was a great one though! Mine was pretty normal to be honest lol. Nothing special but very excited for the new years! Take care, Iris xxx

    2. I can't wait to move into a bigger house so we can host holiday events! Glad you had a good Christmas!
      Xoxo/Zzz, Gabrielle

  3. Hey Iris, I am stressing a little about a handmade secret santa I still need to make haha and worrying a bit about restrictions, the virus effecting things again. I am spending Christmas with friends by the seaside this year which I am looking forward to! Cool plans: possible xmas day swim in the sea! What about you? Thank you and happy holidays to you as well!

    Lauren 😀

    1. Thanks, never been by the sea at xmas! Yeah me too, its really hard! Ah I can't wait for you! Not too long now! That sounds lovely, I hope you have an amazing time! 😀

    2. Thank you hunny! You too!! xxx

  4. Happy Holidays I hope everyone is doing well on here. God deserves all the praise in spite of difficulties

    1. Happy holidays to you too Reggie!!x

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