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Do Naps Help Your Narcolepsy?

  1. If I can stick to a consistent nap schedule then I find them to be very beneficial. When I was at university, I would have a 20 minute nap every day at 3pm and found it to help me get through the day. Anything longer than 20 minutes and I would end up feeling worse.

    Now that I work 9am-6pm three days a week, so cannot nap then, it means my schedule is a lot less consistent. I find that by the evening time I need to sleep, but I’m too tired for just a nap, but can’t go to sleep as if I’m going to bed for the night. So naps don’t have the same benefit that I found them to have when I was able to be consistent.

    1. Although I always take my medication in the morning and then nap which helps me to feel more awake (well actually I think the modafinil initially sends me to sleep)

  2. More often than not, it helps me get through the day. During the school year, my busy teaching schedule doesn't allow as much time as I would like. However, I have found that even laying down behind my desk for 10-15 minutes can help my brain fog for a few hours. During the summer, I typically nap every afternoon for an hour or so!

    1. I am also a teacher! I was very recently diagnosed, so I'm still figuring things out. What a relief though...I had moments in the classroom where my brain would be such a fog that it was hard to pay attention to what the students were asking!

  3. Naps for me are hit or miss. Sometimes they help but other times I wake up just as sleepy. I tend to have auditory and visual hallucinations more during my naps than I do at night.

    1. Not immediately. I feel horrible after waking up from a nap. But about an hour later, I feel awake and alert and better than I did before the nap. If I take a nap at lunchtime, I can actually stay awake until bedtime and accomplish things after work. If not, I just get more and more tired as the day goes on and crash after work. So while I don’t immediately wake up feeling refreshed, a nap definitely benefits me a little later in the day.

      1. Can totally agree with you on that! I feel awful when I first wake up from a nap and find it really difficult to get up and get going again. But within an hour I start to feel the positive effects of taking the nap! It's great that you have found a time that works well for you to maintain wakefulness for the rest of the day. Do you find just one nap a day helps you? Do you have a set amount of time you usually nap for? I am always tempted to nap for hours even though I know that 45 minutes is the most beneficial amount of time for me haha
        Take Care, Judy (Team Member)

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