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Narcolepsy and weight loss injections (Wagvoy, etc)

I discovered this forum as I began to research these injections commonly used as a means of treatment for weight loss.
{Please do try and bare with me here! I'll try my best not to make this too "wordy"}
Initially, I simply wasn't interested in even asking my doctor about these injections. For many reasons, but mostly because of the success I had on my own with weight loss years ago.
Basically, due to one medical problem after another began piling on, the weight gain was inevitable when combined with the fact that I was literally eating my emotions. I'd developed a form of hydrocephalus (confirmed to be in complete remission a few weeks ago) that results mostly from obesity. I spent the majority of time being bed ridden from 2005-2015.
At 5'2 and just under 400 lbs, one brain surgery after another [cataplexy, for me, was a 100% full body head-to-toe paralysis so getting out of bed was extremely dangerous for me].
In November 2015 I made a choice. I was otherwise going to die & chose life!!

Changing my eating habits, and simply getting up was all it took initially. Constant, immediate results kept me going, and over the course of the following year and a half I had regained my health, my life, and was more fit than during middle school when I both modeled and took martial arts.

Some things happened a few years ago that I was no longer able to eat right, or to walk for exercise. (Stalking following leaving abuser).

My neurosurgeon agreed to remove the shunt from my brain about two years ago.
Even having regained some weight it was still feasible that I no longer required it.
It's now confirmed to be in remission, but...
I absolutely must do everything I possibly can to loose some weight & maintain that!!!

Now... knowing what we now know about narcolepsy, and all the associated aspects that weren't known thirty years ago I began to see where these weight loss injections could be beneficial in many others ways to us narcoleptics.

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I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post website links here or not.
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If I am allowed to add links, or copy & paste a few of the things that makes me curious as to how helpful these injections could be for us would anyone else be interested in joining me down this rabbit hole?
It surly would be helpful for someone else to help me to better understand it all!

Aside from being something I am interested in I can actually see where this could potentially be helpful in a better understand of the aspects that are not well understood. Things we really don't have much information on...
Metabolism, core/body + skin surface temperature regulation, appetite (both from medications & from chemical insufficiency, etc.

  1. Hi . Welcome to the community! What a journey you have had and what a great revelation that led to your intial weight loss. You are more than welcome to share links here as long as they are not soliciations in any sense, or linking to something that is illegal of financially beneficial for you.
    For instance, you could link to a study from the National Institutes of Health, but not to a study that supports a program that promises weight loss for a fee or to a site that offers medication without a prescription. Does that make sense? Here is a link to our community rules if you are interested in reviewing them: If you do unintentionally share a link that is not allowed, I can just remove it and message you to let you know.
    From what little I have read about semaglutides and sleep disorders, it sounds like it might be an interesting area to explore. Have you discussed the possibility with your doctor or looked into any clincial trials involving semaglitides and narcolepsy? Warm wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

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