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Now what?

Hello. I was just diagnosed with IH and Narcolepsy II at 41 years old. I have been misdiagnosed so many times, the most recent being ADHD 2 years ago. I thought we finally hit the nail on the head because the adderal was working so well. Turns out adderal is given in IH 🤷‍♀️. My Doctor wants to now put me on armodafinil. Has anyone tried this? Is it similar to how adderal makes you feel?

  1. So glad you finally got answers. That's definitely a large part of the battle. Adderall was the first medication I found that helped without a lot of the side effects for me. Keep in mind we all respond to medications differently. Wishing you the best of luck.

    1. Hi I am glad you are finding some answers! I personally have narcolepsy type 2 with possible overlap IH. I was misdiagnosed with many things including ADHD when I was younger. I have not personally tried armodafinil, but I know others in the community have and they have found it to be helpful. Please reach out if you have any other questions. I hope you find the right medication soon! Warmly, Tara ( Team Member)

      1. Hi , I am happy to hear you were finally able to get a diagnosis after being misdiagnosed so much. I do not have experience with that medication but I am sharing this article on prescription meds used to treat narcolepsy you may find helpful: Also, sharing this article one of our contributors wrote about being newly diagnosed: Please know our community is here for you as you navigate this diagnosis. Warmly, Kristin ( Team Member)

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