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Severe Sleep Apnoea & tests for other sleep issues

I thought I was coming to the end of my 2-3 year journey of testing etc. thinking I had ME/CFS, although now I'm being referred for other neuro/Sleep tests. Could it be Narcolepsy ?

  1. I'm currently seeing a sleep Neurologist who has asked for some further testing, I'm hoping for some answers as I've gone on a 2 to 3 year journey so far. I have fatigue and excessive daytime sleepiness and had to leave a brilliant job last year.

    1. I wish you luck on your journey to diagnosis. I've known many people who took years to get properly diagnosed finally. Hopefully you find some encouragement and helpful information on this site!
      Xoxo/Zzz, Gabrielle

  2. May I ask what some of the symptoms you're having? I'm not sure what ME/CFS is, but I could share some things I know about narcolepsy! 😀
    Xoxo/Zzz, Gabrielle (team member)

    1. It's Myalgic encephalomyelitis or Chronic Fatigue. Im seeing a sleep Neurologist

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