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Tips You Wish You Had When You Were First Diagnosed With Narcolepsy

What tips do you wish you could go back in time and give yourself?

  1. Don’t feel bad about sleeping all the time you can’t help it

    1. Go get checked right away.

      1. No matter what the doctors tell you, there ARE natural treatments. Keep trying until you find what works for your brain and body.

        1. Hi . I asked you this question in another thread, but I will ask again here for the benefit of those reading this. What natural treatments have you found that help? I'm sure others would love to hear about it. Best wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

      2. Keep trying medications to find what works. You can feel somewhat normal with the right medications. Don't settle because it's a little better after years of bad. If your doc isn't willing to listen of try, find a new one. Don't waste any more time. I wasted 15 years being misdiagnosed.

        1. Such fantastic advice, ! Self advocacy is critical for people with chronic illnesses, especially for those with narcolepsy, which is rare and often misunderstood. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you the very best. - Lori (Team Member)

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