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What would you like to see more of from our site in 2023?

From polls & quizzes to more opportunities to specific narcolepsy topics, what are you interested in seeing from our community this year? Share below.

  1. I would like to see more articles on Cataplexy. It would be great to know if there are any support groups.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing! I agree, I also have cataplexy and don't hear much about it. It's a bit difficult for me to think about how it has affected my life, and how it affects the lives of my friends with narcolepsy. I have one article I wrote on cataplexy available to read here if you are interested: This is a topic I will be sure to talk more about in 2023! Appreciate you! Also, if you are interested in learning about narcolepsy support groups, I discuss them in this article: I personally attend zoom narcolepsy support groups every week through the nonprofit Wake Up Narcolepsy. They are free and open to people with narcolepsy and their support-people. I hope some of this information is helpful. Warmest regards, Tatiana ( Team Member)

  2. When will orexin replacement be available or stem cell replacement? Only real cure for Narcolepsy

    1. Thanks for sharing! It is difficult to gage when these treatments will be available due to the nature of pharmaceutical safety certification. I know that they are conducting orexin replacement therapy studies on people with narcolepsy in the US right now. It could take many years before we see a pharmaceutical option available for treating people with narcolepsy. Slowly but surely we are getting there... I would love to read more about this from our narcolepsy experts as well! I appreciate you bringing it up! Warmest regards, Tatiana ( Team Member)

  3. I would love to know more about how narcolepsy and insomnia are linked since they are supposedly two completely opposing conditions! Also, think it would be cool to see posts on social media with quotes taken from community members' articles. 😀

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