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What's the worst narcolepsy advice you've ever gotten?

Whether from friends or healthcare professionals, share some of the worst advice you've received.

  1. Most people don't know anything about Narcolepsy in my experience. However, my insurance company is now requiring a 5th sleep study in 12 years and refusing my medication until it is done. The other 4 sleep studies were all done with the same insurance company/coverage. I have had cataplexy since I was a child. Was told I had night terrors, would fall asleep standing up. Another double sleep study because the others might have been wrong.

    1. I have been told many of the usual: have you tried exercising or a better diet, maybe you're sleeping too much... but the worst was oooh you should go see my ophthalmologist.

      1. You need to get up earlier and stay active.

        1. Just drink coffee/do yoga/ and my overall favorite: Just sleep better. My sleep schedule is better than everyone that I know, and that's only because my diagnosis gave me access to medication to help.

          1. Honestly sometimes when I get told that I get offended. However, overall I do understand how much having control over those small things in my life can benefit reduce my symptoms. (Tre, Team Member)

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